How To Do SEO the Right Way With ChatGPT

Dive deep into the world of ChatGPT-powered SEO and unlock its hidden potential. This comprehensive webinar will not only demonstrate the sheer power of integrating ChatGPT with content creation, but will also guide you towards mastering keyword dominance.

Be a part of a live, in-depth SEO audit that pinpoints areas of improvement in your SEO strategy. Take action now and submit your site for an AI-driven SEO audit during our session!

Meet The Experts


Joseph S. Kahn, Prescient & Co-Founder, HumJAM

Joseph Kahn is a respected digital marketer who offers training and resources to help others succeed in the field. He has received recognition from prominent figures and institutions like John Maxwell, Fortune 500, Microsoft, and the World Internet Summit.


Olga Zarr, SEO Consultant & CEO, SEOSLY

Olga Zarr is the CEO of a small SEO consultancy specializing in advanced, in-depth SEO audits and SEO strategy creation. She is a seasoned professional with over 10 years of experience and more than 200 SEO audits under her belt. 


Why This Matters

ChatGPT can give you an edge over competitors who are only using traditional SEO research methods. You can discover long-tail keywords and semantic variations that most keyword tools might miss. Using ChatGPT and OnPage Writer prompts, you can ensure that your content is not just high quality but consistently so. Google loves consistency! You can even identify weak spots with a comprehensive SEO audit that shows exactly where you’re losing out on potential traffic and rankings.

What We'll Cover


Unlock the Secret Sauce: Mastering ChatGPT for High ROI and Google-Dominating Keywords


Write Like a Pro, Rank Like a Beast: Essential ChatGPT and OnPage Writer Prompts for A+ Content


The SEO Audit Blueprint: Your Fast-Track Guide to a Comprehensive, No-Stone-Left-Unturned SEO Audit