Exploring the Art of Rendering with Google's Martin Splitt

You’ve probably heard that understanding the process of rendering and indexing is important for SEO, but what do rendering and indexing really mean? Why is it important for SEO, and where can it possibly go wrong? 

Agencies, seize this golden opportunity to participate in our free webinar where our esteemed guest speaker, straight from the heart of Google, will unravel the mysteries of how the world's leading search engine renders and indexes websites.

Immerse yourself in firsthand insights from the origin itself - there's simply no comparison to learning about Google from the Google experts themselves. This is a webinar packed with knowledge that agencies simply cannot afford to miss!

Meet The Experts

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Martin Splitt, Developer Relations, Google Switzerland

Martin helps developers and content creators build great content on the web. He is involved with the W3C as well as the global web and JavaScript developer community, working to keep the web open.

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Ulrika Viberg, Agency Owner and Senior SEO, Unikorn

Ulrika Viberg runs the Sweden-based SEO agency. She has a solid background in all things web-related and a vast knowledge in technical SEO, web projects and digital strategies.

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Jamie Indigo, 100% Human Technical SEO Consultant

Jamie works with some of the best technical SEOs and developers in the business to engineer clever solutions for scalable infrastructures and system governance.


Why This Matters

Master the art of communicating effectively with search bots. Grasp the essentials of ensuring that your clients' website content is correctly understood and indexed. Reveal all the secret tricks of the trade - the no-nos and the definite must-do’s that'll propel your clients' content to the top of SERPs. This is about getting their customers to not just see, but interact with the content more. Play the SEO game like a pro!

What We'll Cover


How Google's process of rendering and indexing works


Troubleshooting for rendering and indexation problems


Possible solutions to fix it