SEO Tales with Nitin: Agencies Supercharging SEO with Python

Agencies, let’s delve in the powerful intersection of Python programming and SEO together. Join our free webinar where top industry experts will unlock Python’s full potential to streamline SEO processes and drive remarkable SEO results.

Extract insightful information on advanced Python techniques that empower agencies to enhance their operational efficiency, automate reporting, and impress clients with data-driven strategies. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a competitive edge and elevate your SEO game to new heights!

Meet The Experts


Olesia Korobka, SEO Entrepreneur, Fajela

Olesia is a dedicated SEO professional actively involved in knowledge-sharing and networking. She shares SEO case studies, research, A/B tests, and educational videos on her platforms, while contributing to multiple SEO publications. 


Nitin Manchanda, Founder and Chief SEO Consultant, Botpresso

In the past, Nitin has led SEO for international brands like Trivago and Omio. He continues to bring his professional SEO know-how to the table via his consultancy services, helping businesses grow organically.


Andreas Voniatis, Founder, Artios

With more than 20 years experience working with prominent brands and ad agencies, Adreas has established himself as a data-driven SEO specialist. As a Leeds University graduate in Economics, he brings a strong economic background to his work. He’s also a recognized contributor to global publications. 


Elias Dabbas, Owner, The Media Supermarket

Elias is the author and maintainer of Advertools, a Python package and command line tool adopted in SEO, SEM, and digital marketing, with over 1.5 million installs. It includes an SEO crawler, log file analyzer, scaling tools for PPC campaigns, XML sitemap analysis, and more. He’s also the author of “Interactive Dashboards and Data Apps with Plotly and Dash.”

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Why This Matters

If you’re looking to leverage Python's capabilities to revolutionize your SEO efforts, this webinar is for you! Take the chance to transform your learning experience and get comprehensive insights into how Python's powerful features can greatly enhance your SEO effectiveness by automating tasks, enabling in-depth data analysis, and driving superior search rankings.

What We'll Cover


Python programming fundamentals and its relevance to SEO


Practical Python use cases for streamlining and automating SEO tasks


Advanced Python data analysis and SEO visualization techniques


Python libraries and tools, tailored specifically for SEO


Python-based SEO experimentation and A/B testing insights