The Local Firehose #2 | Get Familiar with Local Service Ads

December 16th @ 10 am PT

In the second installment of our Local Firehose series, we’re diving into Google's Local Service Ads. Following our conversation on local SEO, local service ads are another game-changing tactic in a successful digital strategy for SMBs. That said, some business owners and web professionals find them frustrating and difficult to unpack. Join Ben Fisher, Tom Waddington, Navah Hopkins, and Matt Casady as they walk you through the good, bad, and downright ugly aspects of Google Local Service Ads.

Meet Our Speakers


Ben Fisher,
Founder, Steady Demand

Ben Fisher is a Google My Business Platinum Product Expert and an experienced veteran in SEO and social since 1994.


Tom Waddington,
GMB Gold Product Expert

Tom has been involved in SEO with an emphasis on local since 2006 and has helped many businesses in the home services industry.


Navah Hopkins,
VP of Strategic Marketing, Adzooma

A veteran of the digital marketing industry, she began as an SEO in 2008, transitioning to PPC in 2012. Navah is a frequent contributor to SEJ, SEMrush & WordStream.


Matt Cassady,
Local SEO Analyst & Account Manager, Sterling Sky Inc. 

Founded in 2017, Sterling Sky has quickly become recognized as one of the top local SEO agencies in North America.

Why this matters

Why this Matters

If you are in the business of helping SMBs deliver a robust digital presence that will keep them ahead of competition, this one’s for you. Get clients to the top of Google’s search results page with ads that feature their business information at the right time, in the right place.

What We'll Cover


What are Google’s Local Service Ads?


How do Local Service Ads work?


What are key advantages to Local Service Ads?