How to Strategize Your Local SEO Audit

Join local SEO experts Ben Fisher, Steve Wiideman and Elizabeth Rule as they audit local companies' GBP (Google Business Profile), websites and additional technical aspects, and provide insights into how to strategize the process of local SEO audit.

Meet The Experts

Ben Fisher-1

Ben Fisher, Founder, Steady Demand

Ben is a Google My Business Platinum Product Expert and an experienced veteran in SEO and social since 1994.

Steve Wiideman-1

Steve Wiideman, SEO Consultant, Wiideman Consulting Group

Steve specializes in strategic planning for multi-location and franchise brands and considers himself a scientist/practitioner of local and e-commerce SEO.

Elizabeth Rule

Elizabeth Rule, SEO Analyst & Account Manager, Sterling Sky Inc.

Elizabeth has been in the digital marketing industry since 2016, working in both agency and in-house capacities.

Why this matters-May-23-2022-09-41-15-03-AM

Why this Matters

There’s so much you can do for your client with Local SEO that deciding what you want to focus on can be quite difficult. This is your chance to learn how to prioritize your local SEO efforts.

What We'll Cover


The role of business data in Google Maps rankings


Data-driven attributes of a high-converting local landing page


How to improve the quality, quantity, and velocity of business reviews