Crack the Yes Process of eCommerce Site Visitors

Motivate your clients’ website visitors to make purchases by understanding the behaviors that impact their decisions as they navigate the store. Join Gabriella Sannino, Kieran Allen, and Franco Valentino as they guide you and your client's website visitors to that YES you’re both looking for.

Meet Our Speakers


Franco Valentino, Founder, Narrative SEO

Franco is the founder of a technical SEO consulting firm which partners with international brands like Avis, LibertySafe, and The Panama Canal, among others


Kieran Allen, Technical Director, KJA Digital

Kieran is the technical director at KJA Digital, a software development company that works with companies to deliver bespoke e-commerce solutions that are scalable, flexible and secure


Gabriella Sannino, Founder and Senior Project Manager, Level343

With over 25 years of online marketing, Gabriella works with international clientele including several agencies as their SEO/Marketing/consultant.

Why this matters (2)-1

Why this Matters

It’s your chance to get into the minds of your clients’ website visitors and understand what gets them to say “YES.”

What We'll Cover

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The four anchors of behavior

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What changed in 2022

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Positioning your clients' products using psychology