AI Transforming SEO: Everything Agencies Need to Know to Stay Ahead

How exactly is AI reshaping SEO? What do agencies need to do to successfully optimize their clients’ digital footprint? How will machine learning, NLP, and predictive analytics transform search engine website analysis and ranking algorithms? How can agencies leverage AI to create winning SEO strategies? Should agencies tap into voice search more and use AI-powered tools to uncover hidden insights about their clients’ site visitors? How can your agency avoid potential pitfalls when using AI in SEO?

Join our insightful webinar, the first one in the series "SEO tales with Nitin", to get expert answers and advice on all the above questions and beyond. Come out of this even stronger, equipped with the exact knowledge your agency needs to drive phenomenal results and remain competitive in the rapidly changing digital landscape. 

Meet The Experts


Nitin Manchanda, Founder and Chief SEO Consultant, Botpresso

In the past, Nitin has led SEO for international brands like Trivago and Omio. He continues to bring his professional SEO know-how to the table via his consultancy services, helping businesses grow organically.


Pedro Dias, Holistic and Technical SEO Consultant & UX/Usability Enthusiast

With 16 years of experience in SEO, Pedro knows it all about the online industry across the Western European and South American markets. He is one of the few ex-Google Search Quality team members working in digital marketing. 

Olga Zarr-1

Olga Zarr, SEO Consultant & CEO, SEOSLY

Olga is the CEO of an SEO consultancy firm, specializing in advanced, in-depth SEO audits and SEO strategies creation.

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Why This Matters

Here’s your agency’s rare opportunity to uncover hidden, imperative information about one of the most rapidly evolving digital phenomena and leverage it to gain a competitive edge.

What We'll Cover


The latest AI technologies and how they are changing SEO


How to best use AI for SEO optimization


The importance of responsible AI practices in SEO


Algorithmic biases and the use of balance between human expertise and AI