How to Crawl Your Way into Ranking with Indexable Content

As the need to deliver relevant content that answers people’s questions in the best format grows, website owners and search engines are facing various challenges.

The reality of an ever-increasing volume of dynamic, programmatic, and fast-changing content is pushing search engines to move quickly in order to keep up with current and projected demands.


Category: Advanced 😎

Time: September 22 | 10 am PT/1 pm ET/6 pm UK


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Jason Barnard
CEO at Kalicube & The Brand Serp Guy


Meet Our Speakers


Dawn Anderson

Web Strategist and Online Marketing Adviser, with over 20 years experience in business marketing. Specialising in technical SEO, web marketing strategy, international SEO, website migrations, crawl optimisation, architectural and database developer-driven SEO.


Fabrice Canel

Principal Program Manager leading the Bing Web Data platform team, which discovers, selects, crawls and processes billions of new or updated web pages every day!


Why this Matters

If you’re a web professional, agency or SaaS platform offering websites to SMB clients, delivering search engine know-how is a priceless addition to your toolkit. Find out how search engines determine which page ranks for a certain query, how page content is scanned, and why search results are greatly impacted by many nuances along the crawling-indexing-ranking way.

What you’ll learn:

How well do websites build trust

How indexing works

Does the visual hierarchy align with business goals

Why content must be crawlable and renderable to get indexed

How to rank higher in Search-1

How to ensure that your content is discoverable