Driving Organic Growth for Agencies with Powerful AI Prompting

With the emergence of AI, SEO is changing forever!
If you're an agency, you'll want to know how to make the most of AI prompts to supercharge your SEO strategy like never before. 

Join our power-packed webinar and gain pro insights on the latest SEO trends and AI prompt engineering to drive organic growth. Watch industry experts walk you through AI foundations in SEO and how search engines like Google perceive your clients’ websites. Find out about the impact of prompts on AI responses and uncover the prompt dos and don’ts. 

Unlock the power of AI prompting across on-page, off-page, and technical SEO practices - all directed towards elevating your optimization game to outperform your competitors.

Meet The Experts


Nitin Manchanda, Founder and Chief SEO Consultant, Botpresso

In the past, Nitin has led SEO for international brands like Trivago and Omio. He continues to bring his professional SEO know-how to the table via his consultancy services, helping businesses grow organically.


Nik Ranger, Senior Technical SEO Specialist, Dejan Marketing

Nik is an award-winning SEO specialist and the head of SEO Collective Australia. She successfully utilizes her passion about data to craft strategies, conduct audits and forecast business opportunities.


Peter Mead, Senior SEO Consultant and Head of SEO, Bring.au

Peter was awarded a special recognition award by SEMrush in 2019 and known as The Godfather in the SEO community. He has extensive experience in the SEO industry. 


Why This Matters

Seize the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the new AI-powered SEO world and maximize the benefits of AI prompt optimization.

What We'll Cover


Understanding AI and its transformative impact on SEO 


Optimization strategies with AI prompts


The ins and outs of machine learning, NLP, and predictive analytics


The ethics of AI in SEO, from algorithmic biases and ethical guidelines for the use of AI to the importance of balancing AI with personal experience, and more.